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Facilities and Equipments Spec.(Capacity)
Solvent washing facilities Jet shower : pole transformer housing 5 ton/d
Sonication : subsidiary materials 15ton/d
Sonication : large-sized transformers 20ton/d
Destruction facility of PCBs in insulating oil 10 ton/d
Mobile PCBs destruction facility 5 ton/d
Storage warehouse : PCBs-containing transformers Storage warehouse
Storage warehouse : PCBs-containing oil Tank

Facilities and Equipments Spec.(Capacity)
Weighing facility 30 ton
Transportation 5 ton truck
Hoist crane 20 ton 1set, 15 ton 2set
Cutting machine in the type of oil pressure 7.5HP 1set
Crusher 20HP 1set
Conveyer 2HP 1set
Air pollution protection facilities Activated carbon absorption tower, Bag filter
Laboratory PCBs analysis
Asbestos analysis

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